• Non nobis, non nobis, Domine,
      Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

    • Psalm 115:1

    • Not to us, not to us, O Lord,
      But to thy name give glory.

    • Psalm 115:1

    • “All studies, philosophy, and rhetoric are learned for this purpose: that we may know Christ and praise His glory. This is the end of all learning and eloquence.

    • Desiderius Erasmus

Our Vision

  • Welcome

  • At Providence Classical Christian Academy, we are building consensus around aspects of our school life that we hold dear and ideals that we desire to realize. Three broad areas continued to be discussed and highlighted; namely, our commitment to Christian education, our efforts toward classical education, and the gift of our community as a place of learning and service.

  • A Christian School

  • As a Christian school, our work as parents, students, and teachers is filled with hope.  Though we face deep obstacles in a world filled with failings and false hopes, our horizon is defined by the hope that in Christ Jesus, God is making all things new.  Our task of teaching and learning is thus honest about the reality of our life in this fallen world, but is roused and animated by a sure confidence in “the life of the world to come.”  Read more 

  • A Classical School

  • What is a "classical" school? In its broadest sense, it is a school inspired by a long and varied tradition of education stretching back to the time of classical antiquity.    It is a school that sets its sights on educating the whole person, cultivating wisdom as well as knowledge, virtue as well as proficiency. It is a school that seeks to nourish each student with all that is good, true, and beautiful.       Read more

  • Our Community

  • Of all the ingredients that constitute and cultivate our humanity, our home, and especially the home of our childhood, is one of the most powerful. Alongside father and mother, siblings, pets, house, yard, and neighborhood stand other familiar places and people that work their way into a child's heart and soul. From kindergarten through 12th grade, the Providence community becomes a firmly-laid foundation stone in our students’ childhood “homesteads."   Read more