picture day 058In the Providence grammar school (grades K-6) the curriculum in each grade builds on the prior year. Moreover these formative years are purposefully building toward the upper school curriculum and the cultivation of our ideal graduate. As a school, we use Spell to Write and Read (a curriculum based on the Spalding method) to teach phonics and spelling.  We also use the award-winning Singapore curriculum for math.  Grades 1-4 study grammar with Shurley English, switching to Rod and Staff English for fifth and sixth grades.  You will find time-tested tools in our classrooms such as singing, chanting, copy-work, dictation, note taking, and reciting, in addition to writing, discussing, and debating.   Each class reads classics of children’s literature appropriate for their grade level.  In history, a time period is assigned to each grade, covering history from ancient to modern in a four-year cycle.  The students systematically learn the narratives of the Old and New Testaments.  Providence has recently implemented a Bible memory system which includes memorization of 17 key Psalms, the books of Colossians and 2 Timothy, and and 32 verses dealing with key themes during a student’s time at Providence.  Beginning in fourth grade, Providence students study Latin using Latin for Children and Lingua Latina.  Each year the students complete a grade-based Kodaly music literacy program. Their art classes emphasize drawing and sketching.

We invite you to read more about the material and methods used in each grade. For more detailed information, please choose the class below.