Art Club

Providence has two art clubs that meet after school through the school year, one for grammar school grades 3rd to 6th and an upper school 7th-12th. Led by Mrs. Kimberlee Doyle, art club is designed to help the student explore different art media and try things that are not covered in class. Some things we have done include, silk painting, paper mache, water colors and clothing design to name a few. Students feel free to bring up things they want to try. This help each student experiment with media they may not have access to outside of school.

Rifle Club

The Providence Rifle Club teaches team members aged 8 and up to handle firearms safely, responsibly, and precisely. Coached by Providence parent, D.J. Cully, an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor and Range Safety Officer, with occasional co-instructors who have military and law enforcement backgrounds, the club meets on two Mondays each month at an indoor shooting range in Valley Park. New members must attend a class to learn how to safely handle and discharge a firearm, before shooting at the range. Instructors donate the use of rifles. A per-session $15 participation fee covers the cost of range time, ammunition, targets, and firearm maintenance.

American Heritage Girls (AHG)

American Heritage Girls offers badge programs, service projects, spiritual development, social activities, girl leadership opportunities and outdoor experiences to girls ages 5 – 18.  Our troop MO2005 meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at Providence from 6:30 – 8:00. The troop Coordinators are Paula Coln and Lisa Younger.  Angie Creed serves as “Troop Shepherd,” and Cindy Willbrand is the troop’s Charter Representative. The AHG website is


Providence upper school students volunteer to be a part of our yearbook staff. Responsibilities include writing, photography, copy editing, and page layout.


Students participating in the student newspaper club produce several editions of The Panther Post each year. Students learn how to use journalistic techniques and participate in the editing process associated with journalism.