Each student in grades 7 through 12 is assigned to one of four houses: Herodotus, Homer, Jerome, or Pythagoras. Providence students meet daily with their houses and remain with the same house throughout their time in the Providence upper school.  This structure is also used for competitions throughout the year and encourages socialization among the different classes in the upper school.


Faculty: Mr. Buckles and Mr. Douvier
House Captain and Vice-Captain: Brandon Haverdink and Trey Johnson
House Colors: Green and Gold
House Symbol: Bear
Current Holders of the Golden Disc (Ultimate Frisbee Competition)


0518_Homer-02Faculty:  Mr. Keating and Mr. Yergler
House Captain and Vice-Captain: Shannon Egan and Noah Wiley
House Colors: Blue and Silver
Motto: αἰὲν ἀριστεύειν “Ever to Excel”
Symbols: Trireme and Wolf
Current Holders of the Golden Oar (Literature Festival Competition) and the Headmaster’s Cup


jerome-01Faculty: Mr. Klousia and Mr. Clements
House Captain and Vice Captain: Ashley Hatfield and David Henske
House Colors: Maroon and Gold
House Symbols: Lion and Snake
House Motto: Romans 8:37
Current Holders of the Golden Mortarboard (Scholastic Bowl Competition)


4707_PythagorasHouse-04Faculty: Mr. Waymire and Dr. Case
House Captain and Vice-Captain: Lauren Hearne and Josh Creed
House Colors: Purple and Silver
House Symbol: Raven