Greentree Festival Providence Greets the Community

Thank you for your support of last weekend’s Greentree Festival. All indications are that our time spent with the local community was a great success. We had conversations with more than 100 families, about 30 of which were significant. Our community really came through to support this outreach and we’re greatly appreciative of the time and effort Mr. McCarthy spent to ensure our first community outreach experience was a success.

Our goal for the weekend was to increase name recognition in the broader community and to initiate interest in our school from families with school-aged children. Just the number of people who walked past our booth and read our banner was a step in the right direction in terms of increased name recognition. Beyond that, we estimate that nearly 30 families expressed interest in looking deeper into our school. We passed out nearly 200 info cards, four or five “Lost Tools of Learning” essays, 15 school profiles, and we applied around 360 temporary emoji tattoos. The temporary ink was a big hit with the demographic we were targeting – families with young children, preferably with children in a stroller.

This was a great first attempt at building name recognition within the broader community and we look forward to continuing our efforts to spread the word about our amazing school. Thank you to all who helped make this possible.