Homer Literature Festival

This week our school held its annual literature festival. Our students and faculty celebrated the great works of Homer, Greek author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. The festival was designed by our faculty to celebrate the ancient writings of Homer through costumes, food, crafts, games, theater, and various competitions.

Our grammar school classes rotated through games, snacks, crafts, and drama stations which included a Homer-themed board game, a contest to see who could shoot the eye out of the cyclops with Nerf bows and arrows, a chance to act out scenes from Homer’s works, and much more. In addition, the 8th grade class performed a play of the Odyssey, and the upper school houses competed to defend their islands as they maneuvered their ancient Greek triremes through competitive “waters” in our back parking lot. This year’s winner of the Golden Oar was Pythagoras with 250 points. Second place went to Homer with 200 points, third place to Jerome with 175 points, and fourth place to Herodotus with 125 points. Beyond actual combat points received during battle, the competition was judged based on house spirit, trireme authenticity, the use of recycled materials, structural integrity, and boat design.

We are so grateful to our faculty for their unending creativity and abundant knowledge which allows our students to experience literature in ways that teach the beauty of these ancient works. We are also extremely grateful to our parents for all of the donations we have received, both in time and donated items. From ensuring our students were dressed in creative costumes, to building and painting boats, to purchasing water balloons and Nerf bow and arrows, to providing fruits and sweets, our community rallied around this great festival and we thank you!

Non Nobis!