March in the Park Exceeds Expectations We Are Continually Blessed by the Generosity of our Providence Community

A lofty goal was set for this year’s March in the Park. After surpassing last year’s goal of $20,000, we set this year’s goal at $25,000. As the days and weeks passed and the donations came in, the question lingering in the backs of our minds was, “will we reach our goal?” The answer, a resounding, “Yes!” Not only did we reach it, we transcended it. On the day of the march, we announced a total of $27,300, securing a Raising Cane’s chicken lunch reward for staff and students. However, our community was not finished. Our total now stands at $30,220.12 (the 12 cents is actually quite significant as it likely came straight from a student piggy bank.)

The generosity and support of the Providence community seems limitless. We had more than 30 parents and grandparents who helped make the actual march possible by driving, flying drones, taking pictures and serving lunch. We had students prior to the march who literally emptied piggy banks to contribute, as well as those who performed yard work, babysat, sold baked goods and calendars, and hosted an all school swing dance that included live music provided by our very own Abram Egger, Josh Creed, Noah Wiley, Jonathan Wooldridge and alum Blake Taylor ’11. This event, conceptualized by junior Lauren Hearne, raised $1400.

T-shirts reappeared this year thanks to more generosity of sponsors from our community at large. We were able to outfit each student, staff member, and volunteer with complimentary t-shirts through the sponsorship of OsteoStrong (Johnny Harper), Squires Electric (Mark Squires), Cycle 3 IT Staffing (Brian Borsa), Smile Squared (Eric Cope), Raising Cane’s Chicken, and Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills. Pictures from the event illustrate how great the group looked while beautifying the park in their shirts. Artwork for the back of the t-shirts was provided by Lauren Hearne, who won the t-shirt design contest, and all graphics for event-related marketing were created by Rich Roden.

Support coming from so many people in so many ways is a reminder of both the faithfulness of God and the willingness of people to use their gifts to bless others. Thank you to all who gave of their time, energy, and resources to make this year’s March in the Park a success.