Mr. Kyle A. Keating


Mr. Keating has served at Providence since January 2013. He teaches upper school history and theology and also serves as director of student life, athletic director, and the girls varsity basketball coach. He and his wife and fellow-teacher, Christy, moved to Saint Louis in 2010 and worship at South City Church. They have a delightful sixth-month old daughter named Kira. He enjoys just about every sport, as well as playing board games, watching films, and studying theology and history.

“If the goal of classical education is to cultivate good citizens, then the goal of a Christian classical education is to cultivate good citizens of the kingdom of God—all of which is another way of saying that education is discipleship. I love that I get to help develop students that use their knowledge, critical thinking, and vulnerability to be instruments of empathy and grace in an increasingly post-Christian culture.” ~Mr. Keating

(BA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; MDiv Covenant Theological Seminary)


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