We Give Thanks Our Headmaster's Reflections

What a privilege it is to see the Lord’s merciful hand at work in our school! We at Providence have clear reasons for giving thanks this season. With a mission of equipping students for a life of wisdom, virtue, and eloquence to the glory of God, we have a lofty goal. It is a goal that looks far beyond standardized testing and graduation. We are looking to leave a lasting impression upon those who pass through our hallways. However beyond us this goal is, we have been grateful to see the Lord’s hand enabling us to reach this goal. Without his blessing, we could do nothing. Surely his mercy is over all his works.

Among the numerous reasons for giving thanks this year, I’ve highlighted three. I trust that these three will provide you with good cause to give thanks to the Lord for his blessing of our school this year.

Providence has been given faithful teachers, sacrificially investing in the lives of their students. The Lord has provided us with a faculty well-equipped to lead the upcoming generation in paths of truth, beauty, and goodness. These teachers first and foremost love the Lord. They are thoroughly involved in their local congregations, sitting under the preaching of the gospel, and gaining instruction in the paths of righteousness. In a day when our children face trials, doubts, and questions, what great cause we have for giving thanks that the Lord has given our children teachers who love the Lord and the Lord’s people.

In addition to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, these are highly qualified teachers able to instruct the upcoming generation in the learning they need. Science, mathematics, language, history, literature – no subject is outside of the shared domain of our faculty. With a faculty that has eight advanced degrees, experienced teachers, and a proven commitment to continued learning, we give thanks to the Lord for his generous provision.

Providence has been given engaged families loving their children and supporting one another’s efforts to bring up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Drawing from 45 area churches, our families share a common commitment to train up children in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. In a day when we have cause to exercise great caution regarding what our children are exposed to, how grateful we are to have families looking out for one another, praying for one another, and seeking the temporal and eternal good of one another. This community is a precious gift given to us by the Lord, for which we thank him.

Recently at an open house, a prospective parent asked, “How do your families participate in the school?” It was a question that I didn’t have time to answer as fully as I could. To be able to share how many monitors, drivers, and coaches simply volunteer their time is quite humbling. Moreover, to be able to share how many times I have received notes of encouragement, testimonies of prayer for the school, and tangible demonstration of love to those who suffer trial in our community was nearly overwhelming. At times it seems that people in this world are only out for themselves. It is with gratitude that I am able to say that the Lord has established a different community here.

Providence continues its commitment to be a gospel-centered school. Providence is not merely a school with a Bible class. It is a Christian school wherein the gospel leavens the whole. Consider our cross-country program as but one example. It’s not necessarily where we would first look to see the Christian commitments of any institution. However, we confidently submit it as the very place to see that our school stands committed to the Lord Jesus in all things. This program has demonstrated its excellence in the physical rigor of running well, placing 2nd and 4th in a recent national tournament. However, it also provides us an example of the greater goal in all of what goes on at Providence. Our coaches and countless parent volunteers are careful to pray with and for the athletes, exemplify that ultimate joy is found in Christ alone, and model what it means to be a disciple in the midst of training, losing, and winning. If you had the privilege of being present at any practice or event, you could not but notice the great love our coaches have for our runners – not merely for their success in running, but for their running of the race set before us in Christ Jesus.

These are but three categories. There are many more stories to share. Perhaps time will allow us to do so on another occasion. If you are thankful for the work of the Lord here at Providence, would you tell others about us? We are looking to increase our enrollment in the coming year. We desire to serve more families and provide more children with an education wherein they are equipped for a life of wisdom, virtue, and eloquence. We desire to do this, not for our own, but for God’s glory. In this way we hope to give thanks to the Lord who alone is worthy of praise.

Mr. Jonathan D. Mattull, Headmaster