grandparents day 018At Providence Classical Christian Academy, we are building consensus around aspects of our school life that we hold dear and ideals that we desire to realize. Three broad areas continued to be discussed and highlighted; namely, our commitment to Christian education, our efforts toward classical education, and the gift of our community as a place of learning and service.

It is with gratitude to our God and Lord that we have been given this opportunity to educate our children in such a time and place. We humbly recognize that even in the midst of our failings, God has granted us rich blessings. We pray that all who continue in this path at Providence Classical Christian Academy will continue in gratitude and faith so that in all things God will be glorified.

If you are interested in learning more about Providence, we would be privileged to meet you, answer your questions, and show you our school in action.  Please call the Providence office at (314) 842-6846 to schedule a private tour.